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February 11, 2009
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Geisha by Cristle-Drake Geisha by Cristle-Drake
Well, I am particularly proud of this one. I finished it under 10 hours and am very pleased with the result. Mainly because the image isn't my usual dark colour scheme, and i just love the eyes and flower in the hair.

The concept was inspired by 'Dianae's tutorial ([link]) on portraits. From the falling petals to the gold stitching on the fan. She is SO GOOD! But when I created the image, unlike her method, I worked totally in black and white first, then added tints to create the colour.


After some reviews at Imagine FX I managed to fix this one up a bit. The changes were minor, but worth it.
Hope you like it!

**Edit: WIP can be viewed here:**
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Beautiful. You are a very talented individual!
Wow, thanks for the nice comment!
My pleasure! :D
Here eyes are... intimidating...

also a bit of a nitpick here, but her iris seems to be opened very whide... that usually happenes when there's little to no light... and the iris openes to capture as much light as possible... when there's morel ight the iris closes to allow only the necesary amount of light in and prevent damage to the eye. Now as I mentioned above, the iris of your char's eyes are whide open despite the fact that... there seems to be quite a lot of light around... minore inconsistency there methinks...

the falling petals are awesome... I love it how you managed to capture the focus on the char and even though the petals are closer they are blurry... ingineous...

the quality of the fan is also very nice, especially the gold design... but I have a problem with the fan's placement... Now I don't know how she is holding it... or if she is holding it even... but I tryed to position my arm and hand in the probable position to hold a fan like that and I must say that it's VERY uncomfortable... almost to the point that I don't think it's even possible to hold it liek that... unless somebody else is holding it for her...

and lastly... the technick you used... you said it was just black and white... but I'm seying blue too... I'm trying to get a hang of this technick too and compare if it's more efective then what I used so far... but it's misleading... what layers did you use to apply the colore after the shading was done?
Cocodrillo Feb 12, 2009   Photographer
very good job :clap:
Gorgeous colours. :wow:
I especially like the stippling around her eyes... it just adds that extra punch.
And the detailing on the fan, especially the gold effect... wonderful. :heart:
Thanks! A lot of people have responded well to the fan details. Glad you like the image!
You're welcome. :D
Porcelain-Art Feb 12, 2009   Digital Artist
That looks awesome :heart: I love a lot
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